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Weigh My Ride is committed to making Australian roads safer – one weigh at a time.

Educating our clients on the importance of keeping their vehicles within the legal and safe weight limits is our number one priority.

Weigh My Ride provides a “drive on, drive off” mobile vehicle weigh service for your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van, light truck, caravan, trailer, horse float, boat, race car and race car trailer that identifies allowable payload and assesses individual wheel and tow ball weights to ensure there is no unnecessary axle pressure, unbalanced load, suspension sag or weights that exceed the vehicle’s specified limits which will apply stress to rear suspension and braking performance, increasing the risk of vehicle sway. 

Let our qualified automotive technician and licensed vehicle tester with over 25 years’ experience help you achieve a balanced and comfortable ride that is safe, legal and insured.

Stay safe – get weighed!






Your detailed report will include information on ATM, GVM, GCM, GTM, TBM, allowable payload and recommendations to improve your ride height, comfortability and weight distribution.


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DISCLAIMER: Any written or verbal communication and/or suggestions from Weigh My Ride is meant for informational purposes only. This does not constitute formal compliance certification nor specific legal advice. Customers take full responsibility for the load in their tow and towed vehicles at the time of travel.

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