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Our Mobile Weigh Station Services

Caravan Weighing

Keep your family safe. Our complete towing setup assessment will identify whether your car and caravan are within their specified weight limits, are appropriately balanced and travelling at the correct towing height.

boat trailer weighing icon

Boat & Trailer Weighing

Smooth sailing starts here. Our boat trailer weighing and assessment service will ensure you are travelling within the specified weight limits for your car and trailer, providing safe and balanced transport for your vessel.

Horse Float Weighing

Safeguard your equine friends. Our horse float weighing and assessment service ensures a safe, legal and comfortable journey for you and your horses.

4WD & Car Weighing

Looking to buy a caravan? Get a pre-tow vehicle check to ensure you are within the acceptable weight limits, equipping you with knowledge of what you can safely and legally tow and what suspension upgrades may be required.

commercial vehicle weighing vans and trucks

Truck, Ute & Van Weighing

Keep your trade vehicles safe. Our weighing service for commercial vehicles ensures you and your employees are responsibly loaded and balanced to make sure you remain safe, legal and insured.

Race Car & Trailer Weighing

Safeguard your pride and joy. Our race car & trailer weighing and assessment service will ensure you are travelling within the specified weight limits for your car and trailer when on your way to the track.

About Us

Weigh My Ride is a Melbourne based mobile weigh station business committed to making Australian roads safer – one weigh at a time. 

Educating our clients on the importance of keeping their vehicles within the legal and safe weight limits is our number one priority.

Weigh My Ride provides a “drive on, drive off” mobile weigh station service for your car, SUV, 4WD, ute, van, light truck, caravan, trailer, horse float, boat, race car and race car trailer that identifies allowable payload and assesses individual wheel and tow ball weights to ensure there is no unnecessary axle pressure, unbalanced load, suspension sag or weights that exceed the vehicle’s specified limits which will apply stress to rear suspension and braking performance, increasing the risk of vehicle sway.

Let our qualified automotive technician and licensed vehicle tester with over 25 years’ experience help you achieve a balanced and comfortable ride that is safe, legal and insured.

Stay safe – get weighed!

3 Great Reasons To Choose Our Mobile Weigh Station Service

We're a Mobile Service
We Come To You!

Qualified Automotive Technician & Licensed Vehicle Tester

Group & Bulk Vehicle Bookings Available




Our Mobile Weigh Station Calendar

Discover where our mobile weigh station will be next with our calendar of upcoming locations. Stay updated and plan your visit to keep your transport safe and compliant.

Weekly Weighing Services provided in Melbourne Metro & Yarra Ranges areas.
Upcoming Weighing LocationsDate
East Vic1712750400 Apr 10, 2024 - Apr 12, 2024
West Vic1713268800 Apr 16, 2024 - Apr 18, 2024
East Vic1714478400 Apr 30, 2024 - May 2, 2024
North Vic1713787200 Apr 22, 2024 - Apr 24, 2024

What Our Mobile Weigh Station Customers Are Saying

Client Testimonials

Greg & Julie Evans
Greg & Julie Evans
Our experience with WEIGH MY RIDE exceeded our expectations. Thanks Rhys for the comprehensive written assessment of our rig. Your advice and vehicle adjustments have given us peace of mind for safe and legal towing.
Deborah Salter
Deborah Salter
Excellent service, very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.
Bryan Avory
Bryan Avory
Very happy with the service. Attention to detail was very good. Answered any questions we had and offered some very good advice on how to improve ride quality.
Trevor Heafield
Trevor Heafield
Rhys was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He clearly explained about the weights and weight distribution. His report came through the following day with all weights clearly shown on a diagram. He also provided some recommendations how to better load the caravan. We are very happy with his service and more than happy to recommend his services.
Kaylee Scott
Kaylee Scott
We found Rhys to be very knowledgeable. He answered all our questions and helped us a lot. Would highly recommend his service .
Richard Oldfield
Richard Oldfield
We met with Rhys who was punctual polite and did a great job. Y62 patrols are very sensitive to weight. We have a bull bar Lightbar spotlights winch and rated recovery Gear on the front and tow pack on the back. We have had installed front and rear springs and air bags. Rhys’ advice has confirmed that we are under max load with caravan on and therefor do not need a GBM Upgrade. Great to get actual weights.
Mike Hillenaar
Mike Hillenaar
Rhys came to our town to provide his service. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained all about the weights and weight distribution and their relevance to compliance in clear easy to understand language. His report came through the next day with all weights clearly shown on a diagram. He also provided recommendations how to better load our car and caravan. We are very happy and impressed with the service he provided.
Glenn & Kaye Cain
Glenn & Kaye Cain
I recently used Weigh my Ride to check my caravan and tow vechicle weight for peace of mind that both car and van meet on road regulations. Rhys was very professional and was very helpful in explaining all areas of the weight regulations and gave concise recommendations to make sure I will be able to meet same .Add a 7 page report . Well worth the money for the peace of mind
Shaun Allen
Shaun Allen
Weigh my ride provided a great service. Returned my call promptly and answered my questions with great knowledge of the towing industry. Was great that they travel around Victoria and came to my home town to complete my weighing. Provided suggestions to fix any issues I had using inexpensive recommendations. Would highly recommend using Weigh My Ride.
Colin Renton
Colin Renton
Rhys was excellent to deal with and very thorough. He also assisted with an issue with original ARB GVM certification. Worth every cent. Would highly recommend.

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Your detailed report will include information on GVM, GCM, GTM, ATM, TBM, allowable payload and recommendations to improve your ride height, comfortability and weight distribution.

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