Weigh My Ride

Mobile Horse Float Weighing

Melbourne & Regional Victoria

Stay Safe, Stay Legal


Are your equine friends safe whilst in transit?
Can your vehicle really tow a 3.5T horse float?
We offer an express “drive on, drive off” mobile vehicle weigh service – we come to you.

Pre-tow vehicle check

Just because your car/4WD has a 3.5T towing capacity does not necessarily mean you can safely tow 3.5T. 

We can determine your onboard vehicle weight at the time of travel (considering your vehicle’s accessories, passengers and cargo) to understand your available towing capacity and remaining vehicle payload.

Tow vehicle and horse float assessment

The combined weight of your horses, tack, feed, water, fencing and camping gear must be considered when loading. 

We can weigh the individual wheel, axle and tow ball weights of your setup to ensure you are balanced, safe and legal, and towing within the manufacturer’s specifications of your tow vehicle and horse float.

Let Weigh My Ride keep you and your employees safe on the road!

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