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Mobile Horse Float Weighing

Melbourne & Regional Victoria

Stay Safe, Stay Legal

Welcome to Weigh My Ride’s comprehensive mobile horse float weighing services in Melbourne and Regional Victoria! Ensuring the safety and stability of your horse float or gooseneck when in transit is our top priority.

With the expertise and 25 years of industry experience, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to precision, we provide comprehensive weighing options tailored to meet your horses and floats’ unique needs.

We can weigh the individual wheel, axle and tow ball weights of your setup to ensure you are balanced, safe and legal, and towing within the manufacturer’s specifications of your tow vehicle and horse float.

Explore why car and horse float weighing is essential, our specialised services, and why choosing us is the smartest decision to ensure every trip is a smooth and secure experience for you and your horses.

Protect your equine companions with a complete towing setup assessment.

Mobile Weigh Station: Melbourne & Regional Victoria

Why do I need to know how much my horse float weighs?

Reasons For Car & Horse Float Weighing

Horse float weighing is a critical step in preparing for your travels with horses to ensure both safety and compliance with legal requirements.

Horse float weighing involves assessing the weight of your vehicle, the horse float, and the total combined weight including tack, feed, fencing and camping gear to make sure you’re distributing the load evenly and staying within the limits set by the manufacturer.

Understanding the weight distribution is essential for safe towing practices, improving the stability of your vehicle and float. Here’s why it’s important:

horse trailer weighing - two horse in a horse float

Safety Assurance

Exceeding the weight limits set by the manufacturer for your car and horse float can jeopardize their stability. Weighing your load helps you remain within safe operational boundaries, minimizing the chances of accidents often triggered by vehicle sway and instability.

Legal Compliance

Law enforcement and road authorities across Australia regularly establish mobile checkpoints for weighing caravans & horse floats to evaluate compliance. Regular weighing aids in adhering to legal standards, preventing possible fines or penalties.

Improved service Life

Exceeding the weight capacity of your vehicle and horse float places undue strain on various components, resulting in premature deterioration. Weighing both the car and horse float aids in preserving vital parts like brakes, tires, and suspension, thereby prolonging their lifespan. This ensures a longer-lasting and cost-effective investment that remains insured.

What our customers are saying about our caravan & horse float weighing

Client Testimonials

bree farley
bree farley
Rhys was great! He was extremely professional and a wealth of knowledge. He was more than happy to take the time to explain everything and help in sorting out our weight problems. Would highly recommend
Lisa Sheppard
Lisa Sheppard
Rhys provided great servive with plenty of advice and suggestions.
robert hann
robert hann
a job well done we learnt quite a bit thanksRhys in a pleasant manner Regards Rob and Lynne
Avril D
Avril D
Extremely professional and efficient service. We learnt a lot from Rhys, who explained everything clearly along the way. He’s friendly, respectful and informative. We tow a 21,6 caravan with a 2021 Wildtrack. Highly recommended and worth the $$.
John Hunt
John Hunt
Excellent service, Rhys is extremely knowledgeable and provides recommendations and solutions to achieve compliance.Everything was explained in detail, and the report was easy to understand.Very professional service and highly recomend.
Noel Gregory
Noel Gregory
Rhys’ knowledge and experience was invaluable. He explained everything clearly and was able to answer all my questions. I feel a lot more confident towing now that I understand the importance of the correct weight.
Sharon White
Sharon White
Excellent service would recommend.
Michael O’Keeffe
Michael O’Keeffe
Great service and excellent advice. Well worth the price for peace of mind towing. Rhys really knows his stuff and Is happy to explain and share his knowledge.
Jeff Hurst
Jeff Hurst
I have for sometime been thinking about arranging for the BY50 and MDC XT16 to be weighted. Was sure all is within the legal limits but for peace of mind wanted to make sure! So, who to use! After checking various sources I selected Weight My Ride. What a fantastic service they offer! Rhys, Explained all the steps with no silly question! A really professional outfit! If you are looking to ensure you meet your legal requirements I can highly recommend Weight My Ride!!!!
Michael Martin
Michael Martin
Rhys was professional and knowledgeable, he explained everything in simple terms and was happy to answer any questions that I had. He was prompt and the report was comprehensive. Would highly recommend.

Protect Your Equine Companions

Reserve your horse float weighing assessment to achieve a safe and stable ride.

Our caravan weighing service

What We Do

We are more than just a weighing service. Whether you are experienced at towing or just beginning, you will benefit from the unbiased knowledge and experience that is shared by our team as part of your 1 – 1.5 hour assessment.

We assess your tow vehicle and horse float or gooseneck both separately and connected. We assess them for unnecessary axle pressure, unbalanced load, suspension sag and weights that may exceed the manufacturer’s specified limits. This can apply stress to rear suspension, impact steering/braking performance and increase the risk of vehicle sway.

Travel height

We assess your complete towing setup including the travel height of the car and horse float to ensure they are both set up to achieve the most comfortable and stable ride.

Weight distribution

We use the latest in technology - calibrated, individual wheel scales with +/- 1kg accuracy so that we can review the complete load distribution for the car and horse float (side to side and front to rear) to ensure your cargo load is evenly and safely balanced.

On-the-spot rectification

We offer onsite solutions such as proposed load redistribution, bay positioning, secondary weighs and/or product enhancements designed to improve ride quality and dynamic stability that can be purchased and fitted if required to get you towing at the optimal level.

What Our Customers Receive

of Mind

Travel confidently knowing your car and horse float are within their recommended weight limits and towing at the optimal level. Providing a comfortable driving experience for you and your equine passengers that is safe, legal and insured.

Weighing Report

Following your appointment, a detailed report is created and provided, highlighting the weights of your car and horse float, along with recommendations to enhance weight distribution, safety, and comfort. The report also includes thorough explanations of weight-related terminology.


Customised suggestions are provided to address imbalances or overloading, aiming to optimise the weight distribution and ride quality between your car and horse float. This includes identifying suitable suspension options, if necessary, to prevent over investment in unnecessary upgrades.

When you choose our car and horse float weighing services, you'll benefit from:

Why Choose Weigh My Ride To Weigh Your Horse Float?

Experience & Expertise:

Receive guidance and towing solutions from a qualified automotive technician, licensed vehicle tester and 4x4 product specialist with over 25 years’ experience in the automotive and outdoor adventure industries, to ensure you are safe, legal and insured when travelling.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Our calibrated vehicle weighing equipment includes a dedicated tow ball mass scale and individual wheel scales with +/- 1 kg accuracy so that we can review the complete load distribution for the car and horse float (side to side and front to rear) to ensure bays are located in the correct place and your cargo load is evenly and safely balanced.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Our commitment to exceptional customer service means we come to you, or meet at a location convenient for you and your equine friends. We also provide a calm and respectful live-load weighing service to provide a true indication of your travel state.

What do all the HORSE FLOAT weighing abbreviations mean?

Horse Float Weights Explained

(Gross Vehicle Mass)

The total weight of a loaded car, including fuel, passengers, cargo, vehicle accessories (tow bar, larger wheels, roof rack, bull bar etc) and the tow ball mass (downwards pressure on the tow ball when the horse float is connected).

(Gross Trailer Mass)

The weight imposed on the horse float's axle/s when connected to the tow vehicle. This is calculated by subtracting the Tow Ball Mass (TBM) from the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM).

(Gross Combined Mass)

The maximum allowable combined weight of a car and horse float when fully loaded and connected (GVM + GTM). When calculating GCM, the tow ball mass of the horse float is included in the vehicle GVM.

(Aggregate Tralier Mass)

The TARE weight plus payload (horse, feed, tack etc) of a fully loaded horse float. It is the total downwards mass of the horse float's axle group and tow ball.

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Common questions we're asked about OUR Horse FLOAT weighing SERVICE


Horse float weighing involves measuring the weight of your horse float/gooseneck and tow vehicle when connected and separate to ensure you are complying with manufacturers’ specified limits. It also includes an assessment of your load distribution to ensure you are well balanced and stable, as well as your ride height to ensure a comfortable ride with appropriate vehicle suspension to support your load.
It’s advisable to weigh your horse float whenever you change your load, such as adding more equipment or changing the number of horses you transport, or when you change your vehicle, such as adding accessories to your car or buying a new one.
Yes, weighing your float with the horses inside is recommended to obtain an accurate weight that reflects actual transport conditions. This helps ensure your vehicle can safely carry the load and remains within legal weight limits. We use special equipment such as wheel clamps to ensure the safety of your horses during this process.
Our services cater to all dual axle horse floats, from single-horse floats to larger multi-horse gooseneck trailers with living.
The weight is measured using advanced weighing equipment that provides accurate readings within 1 kg. Our facilities are equipped with drive-on scales that measure the total weight of your car and float.
The assessment typically takes 1.5 hours, possibly longer for a live load.
In preparation for your appointment, we suggest having your tow vehicle and horse float packed in a ‘trip ready’ state (how you would normally travel to an event/ride) including a full tank of fuel in vehicle, food & drink, tack, feed, water, fencing and camping equipment etc to ensure you are replicating a fully loaded scenario.
Understand the float’s weights and ask to sight the compliance plate outlining the manufacturer’s weight specifications. This may only include a TARE weight and grouped axle capacity (often with horse floats, the aggregate trailer mass (ATM) is rated the same as maximum axle group capacity). Further investigation may be required to understand the TARE weight, tow ball mass/weight and available payload. Proceed with extreme caution if distributors are unable to provide this information.

Stay Safe, Stay Legal

Reserve your horse float weighing assessment & travel safely!

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