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Is your race car perfectly balanced? Is your setup safe and legal when travelling to the track?
We offer an express “drive on, drive off” mobile vehicle weigh service – we come to you.

Weigh My Ride offers a “drive on – drive off” mobile vehicle weigh service for the race industry. This service is available for race car weighs and/or race car trailer/truck weighs. A qualified automotive technician and licensed vehicle tester with over 25 years’ experience will assess:


  • individual wheel weights to ensure your vehicles are within the legal limits as specified by the manufacturer/engineer;
  • ride height of the vehicles to determine whether additional suspension upgrades are required;
  • weight distribution to ensure the vehicles are appropriately balanced;
  • appropriateness of the tow hitch setup (for race car trailer-vehicle combinations).

A tailored report will be provided outlining weigh results and recommendations to improve the safety and integrity of your race vehicle.
Book an appointment with Weigh My Ride today or invite us to attend your next race meet or track day. 

Car/4WD & trailer

There is a lot involved in understanding the safe allowable limits of your car/4WD and trailer. Every situation is unique and dependent on your vehicle’s accessories, cargo, passengers, trailer weight and tow ball weight. 

We can weigh your individual wheel and tow ball weights to help you achieve a balanced, safe and legal setup.

Race car

Want to get the most out of your race car and ensure maximum performance?Uneven weight can impact the safety and integrity of your race car, applying stress to rear suspension and braking performance.We can assess the individual wheel weights to ensure it’s perfectly balanced.

Let Weigh My Ride keep you and your employees safe on the road!

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